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WattersWorks studio is located at 346 Lower Snake Spring Road, Everett. From Route 30, turn north on the Lower Valley Road and continue one-half mile. The HUGE red barn is at the crest of a hill with three big silos. Look for the For Sale signs. The driveway is on the right between the two-story stone/white frame house and the barn. We will be using the upper section of the barn, so feel free to park in the paved driveway.

Pets are welcomed to be in the family picture if desired. If there are props, signs, or sentimental items you want to be included in the image, feel free to bring those with you.

This year's holiday setup is in the family barn--in the open air where social distancing is accommodating with plenty of airflow. It may be chilly, so be prepared with jackets for younger children. Our staff will wear our masks t for your protection. You may choose to wear yours if desired--at least for one picture to document the history of our year. However, most will prefer to be mask free for the family pictures, and that is perfectly acceptable. We will cater to you at your comfort level, so please let us know what will make you feel safe for this experience. 

Also, the barn is filled with aged hay and dust, so be aware if there are allergies. It has uneven floors, so please watch your step. Kindly stay in the portrait area and watch smaller children to not wander into the back of the barn. There are trip and fall hazards, and ladders which are tempting for climbing but should be avoided.

Please choose clothing that is in a similar color palette and coordinates well. Try to avoid busy patterns when possible. You may choose to bring a change of clothing if desired.

The family session fee is 125 + tax and includes a small post of a few of your favorites for social media if desired. We prefer cash or check, while credit cards are accepted upon request. Images will take about one week to process and will be available to view in person for your ordering session. You may also request an online gallery if you would be more comfortable with social distancing to place your order.  

A variety of print packages are available. In addition, various presentations for wall art are available including canvas, metallic, and wood prints, plus framed and matted collections.

NO CELL PHONES. Please respect the work of the photographer and do not take pictures of our studio setups. Be present in the experience for your children.

Be in touch if you have questions before your session. Thanks so much for investing in a quality portrait to display proudly in your home and for future generations to cherish.

Call 814-285-1330 if you have any questions or are running late.

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