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I would love to tell your story of your special day and I hope this guide helps to answer some of your questions about working with me. Please click on the headings below learn more.

What does a memory look like? How does it feel? What is it worth?

When the wedding is over and the sun rises on the next phase of your journey, all you will have left are the memories of that special day. But with the right wedding photographer, those memories will be preserved for a lifetime.

Wedding photography is so much more than simply showing up with a camera and an extra lens. A professional photographer understands how important this moment is, that there is one chance to get it right. She knows how to be everywhere at once, but stay invisible when it’s the bride’s time to shine.

As an experienced wedding photographer, I can offer you all of this and more. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and your photographer should be by your side making sure it goes as planned. Because I have photographed many weddings, I have an intricate knowledge of how they work, what to expect, and what to prepare for so it is as beautiful in real life as it has been in your dreams.

I work with a lighting assistant so I can move quickly to capture unexpected moments, even when the unexpected moment has me running to retrieve the wedding flowers that were delivered to the reception venue instead of the hotel.

My equipment is pretested and reliable, and I always bring backup equipment. I use my cameras in manual mode to adjust for changing light conditions. I am equally as comfortable in an outside venue or a candlelit room. My camera uses two memory cards in case one is corrupt. I back up my files and make backups of my backup. And even though it has never happened, I also have agreements with other professional photographers so an unexpected emergency for me would not be a disaster for you.

I am a quick thinker who helps the bride to remember to get the bouquet from her maid of honor before she goes back down the aisle; who brings scissors to cut off hanging straps and reminds you to remember the hotel key for later; who asks the pastor to step aside during the first kiss so he or she is not creeping in the background of your moment.; and who makes sure the groom is comfortable and takes a break so you can get a drink or use the bathroom.

Posing is second nature to me, and I can work with you to find poses and angles that flatter your body type and showcase your dress. I can quickly scan a room or venue to find the perfect places with a clean background, creative angles, and dramatic lighting for each individual shot. As an assertive communicator, I can quickly and efficiently organize your extended family for a group photo that accounts for and compliments body types and heights. Groomsmen who have had too much to drink or fussy children who don’t want to pose are no match for me. One of the most important things I have learned is that the people who are with you on your special day will not be with you forever. That is why I make a concerted effort to take as many intergenerational photos as possible - especially with your grandparents - because those pictures will be priceless after their passing.

I am a certified professional and continue to take classes to keep up to date and work to perfect my craft. I have met and exceeded industry standards set by my peers. I am trained in Photoshop to adjust glasses glare, smooth skin, and flyaway hair, and remove unwanted details from the background. I provide responsible enhancements without over-processing. I adhere to a professional code of conduct and conduct my business with integrity, including remaining fully insured and accountable.

When it’s all over, I deliver tangible products that will last for the next generation - quality prints, albums, wall art and more. I work with a framer to professionally mat and frame your print so it is ready to hang on your wall. I also have access to a variety of labs, each of which offers different products to suit your decorative tastes. I deliver on the goods. Tangible products for you to keep for the next generation. Quality prints, albums, wall art and more.

My work is classic and will stand the test of time.

This is your wedding. Don’t hire someone who sees it as just a job.

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